Top iOS Apps for Your Privacy

All pictures sent or taken on your device are immediately kept in the phone’s storage. And anyone can view them, which could be a bit awkward. Luckily, some remarkable applications protect the photos on your iPhone. Nearly all of them create a unique private folder so you can relocate your photos. Here is a summary of some of the most useful apps to guard your photos on your handheld.


If you are looking for the perfect “secret protection” to block your photos and videos on your iPhone, then you need to download HiddenVault. With an excellent military-grade encryption application, this program offers three approaches to protect your movies and photos. The program also grants a unique cloud backup such as TweakDoor.

Another peculiarity of HiddenVault is your private information’s total control. Having everything stored in your Apple folders also dismisses the threat of hackers.

Private Photo Vault

This app is one of the best to protect your videos and personal photos. All you have to do is pick the images to hide and cover them with a password in your private album.

The app is equipped with a Tri-Protect policy. You can hide your photos with a secure password-protected or a sophisticated design lock application. There is also a lock option that allows you to hide an image by entering a 4-digit numeral.


The program works like a conventional abacus, but at the same time, it functions as a hidden chamber where you can enter keys to hide the files. With this system, you will probably take the photos directly and save them in the calculator application. You can also create classes for hidden photos to simplify.


This app includes an easy-to-use cheat-block program. It enables you to enter a four-digit PIN to hide files. One excellent feature is a small personal camera that will allow you to take pictures and hide them directly in the program without leaving them unprotected.

Besides the graphics, you can also hide videos with KeepSafe. All you have to do is open the program, choose the things you want to protect with the pins, and import them into the application. Ensure you delete the photo from the photo application on your iPhone after loading it into the application. You can create albums within the application and transfer images directly to it.

Pick Lock 2.0

Pic Lock 2.0 is a completely free photo hiding application that allows users to protect their photos by entering a strong password or create a complicated template using a sophisticated layout locking system. The application is compatible with iPhone 5 and has a relatively simple user interface.

Pic Lock 2.0 offers everything that a standard photo-locking application has. Including sharing iTunes via USB and importing and exporting images to and from the iPhone photo application. The free version of the application will have no routine updates; the paid version guarantees lifetime updates to solve stability problems and add new features.


KYMS is another fun application that allows you to hide your photos on your iPhone through a calculator gadget. The application covers both pictures and videos and has an excellent password function. All movies, both FLV and AVI, can be played back in the application, thanks to the built-in video support with Airplay support.

KYMS also serves as a security recording program. It exports PDF files and text files to your application and keeps them hidden under a calculator. Also, you can find documents such as videos from the application.